Champion and Ferodo in pole position in the film Rush

Champion and Ferodo are key brands for Federal-Mogul, a major player in car parts and spare part manufacturing for the automotive industry.

This reputation was acquired many years ago and over the years the two brands have built unequalled experience. This knowledge and expertise explains their well-deserved presence in the film Rush, which returns to a particularly glorious episode in Formula 1’s history.

The film traces the passionate race for the 1976 world championship between two of the greatest rivals the sport has ever seen, the British driver James Hunt and Austrian Niki Lauder, members of the illustrious McLaren and Ferrari teams.

Experts in Formula 1 recognise that the 1976 season was one of the craziest and most passionate in its history. It was a year of a succession of rapid developments, some even turning tragic. Given Champion and Ferodo’s breadth of expertise in F1, and with Howard staying faithful to real events, then there is was no question that the prominence of these brands had to be represented in the film.

As you can see Ferodo and Champion’s knowledge has been proven over many years and the quality of their products has always been acknowledged, hence their dominant role in their respective markets and their presence in this film. What brand would not want to be featured in a film?


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