Easyvision wiper blades with anti-counterfeit security

The authenticity of our Easyvision wipers is secured with labels featuring PrioSpot®. This state-of-the-art anti-fraud technology gives you peace of mind that you have the real deal.

Enter your Unique Code

Example : (01)14044197418401(21)G7XBZ390053KZ6

   One code at a time. No spaces and no line breaks allowed.

To make sure that your Easyvision product is genuine, please follow these steps:

1 Make sure the packaging is closed and the label is intact

​Permanent self-adhesive label

Special label design means any attempt to remove
or swap the label will result in tearing


2 Verify the unique alphanumeric code and data matrix code

3 Ways to verify the code
  • Type in the
    code in the
    field above.

  • Read the Data
    Matrix Code
    with 2-D

  • Download
    Free application

    Read the Data
    Matrix Code
    on your


3 Verify the unique security code on the PrioSpot® label

  • There is a different code on each package

  • The code contains the last 4 digits
    of the alphanumeric code

  • The code and the Federal-Mogul logo shimmer
    in rainbow colours - only in direct light

    Only in direct light, a digit is visible, repeating the last digit of the security code.
    This digit will move up and down when you change the angle of the PrioSpot®.

If you have any doubt about the authenticity of a part, contact our team direct or speak to you​r local authorised distributor.