95% of cars covered in 15 part numbers 

Quick to fit with our patented 7-in-1 system

Make it easy with the flexible Multi clip

Flat wiper blades are fast becoming the standard on new vehicles. To save you time and hassle in replacements, our patented Easyvision 7-in-1 Multi clip universal system makes light work of the job. It includes:

7 in 1
      bayonet 22m 1. bayonet 22m
      top lock 2. top lock
      top lock (bmw) 3. top lock (bmw)
      side pin 19mm 4. side pin 19mm
      side pin 22mm 5. side pin 22mm
      bayonet 19mm 6. bayonet 19mm
      flat bayonet 7. flat bayonet

Watch our installation videos to see how it’s done


Quick-look benefits

  • No-hassle universal fit Simple to fit 7 popular original equipment wiper arms
  • Convenient high coverage 95% of cars covered in just 15 part numbers, ranging from 35-80cm length
  • Low friction and long life Durable construction with low friction, noise or risk of corrosion
  • Easy identification Clear packaging with simple part numbering makes the job quicker

Improved wiper action

For enhanced performance you can see, Easyvision flat blades from Champion also feature a NEW and improved symmetrical design. Precision-engineered flexors provide good mobility across the windscreen and effective, no-noise wiper performance.


Tested & approved by Rain Hunters

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